Real Reality TV


Daytime American TV has its fair share of reality TV. A morning kicks off with Divorce Court with the sassy Judge Lynn Toler, The Steve Wilko Show compered by the eponymous ex-cop, the notorious Jerry Springer and his stripper poles, and others – so many others. The early afternoon set includes the excruciating Cheaters. The compere for Cheaters is the unctuous Joey Greco, resplendent with his Lily Munster white streak. He comes out at night so he can do the voice-overs, which are played over the chase of Cheaters’ famed detectives, and finally, wrangle the Cheater and Cheatee in a final Confrontation. These shows have like lots of screaming. Cheaters even claims to be real Reality TV.

The Apprentice?

Now. Wait. Hang on. Real Reality TV? Is that just a daytime thing or could it cover evening Reality TV, like Survivor, The Bachelor, the Bachelorette? Or even The Apprentice? A plausible if risible explanation for the 45th is that he is Truman-like, trapped in an extended episode of his show.  Nothing seemed to dent his essential disconnect from the rest of the planet: global warming – don’t believe it, Vladamir Putin – what a nice guy, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria – they’re only wetbacks, Kim Jung-Un = Rocket Boy. Until the Vegas Massacre. For once he seemed presidential when he spoke to Washington’s press corps on the massacre. It seemed – at least to me – that he had noticed that blend of Vegas, Country, guns and bloodied teens.

Still, don’t expect anything much. You might recall Disney’s masterpiece Fantasia and Mickey Mouse’s star turn.

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”
― Neil deGrasse Tyson


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